NIDA Drug Supply Program (NDSP)

A wide variety of scheduled, hard to obtain, or prohibitively costly research compounds are available at no cost to the drug addiction research community from the NIDA Drug Supply Program (NDSP). A limited number of compounds and materials such as buprenorphine and marinol are also available for research involving human subjects. The NDSP has been a reliable source of drugs of abuse and related compounds, and their isotopically-labeled analogs for over three decades.

Available from the NDSP inventory are nearly 800 items including stimulants, sedatives/hypnotics, hallucinogens, cannabinoids, phencyclidines, designer drugs, opioid agonists and antagonists, nicotine analogs, radio- and mass-labeled analogs, opioid peptides, standardized nicotine or THC cigarettes, and standardized drug solutions and dosage forms.

In order to keep pace with the emerging needs of drug abuse research, NIDA will consider requests for any compound not currently offered from the NDSP inventory. While not all requests can be honored, NIDA will review and prioritize every synthesis request based on demand and estimated cost.

The entire compound collection is described in detail in the NDSP Catalog:

Download link: NDSP Catalog

For further information and details on how to place orders contact:

Hari H. Singh, Ph.D.
Program Director
Drug Supply & Analytical Services
Chemistry & Physiological Systems Research Branch
Division of Basic Neuroscience & Behavior Research
National Institute on Drug Abuse
National Institutes of Health
6001 Executive Boulevard, Room # 4282, MSC 9555
Bethesda, MD 20892-9555

Phone: (301) 435-1310
Fax: (301) 594-6943

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